Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Weekly Blog - The Torch Has Been Lit

               I've decided to throw together a Blog that reflects me as a person, in that I have views and opinions based on several factors, including my education, travel, life & employment experiences and beliefs which include me being non-denominational, abhorring racism, sexism and narrow mindedness.

   For me, this Blog will be an open forum for people to speak their minds in tackling subject matter that we are either exposed to, or experience on an every day basis.

  From the outset, I need to establish that this Blog should be treated pretty much as mates having a chinwag around the dinner table, the campfire or at the local - blowing the froth off a couple of coldies.

   I will in no way tolerate personal attacks on individuals or groups and will enforce a strict "No Dickhead" rule. By all means, I want everyone to be able to speak their minds with no fear, nor favour, but common decency dictates that my Blog is not a means to spew forth vitriol, hated, offensive or hurtful posts.

  I'm going to give it a week or so to allow people to join the Blog and then go with the first topic which will be measures in addressing juvenile or petty crime.

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